Dr. Morgan Faeder, MD, PhD will discuss “Braving the Journey-Vulnerability in Mental Health and Taming the Intrusive Thoughts” at the Thursday, May 9 Family and Friends meeting. Dr. Faeder is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology and Director of UPMC Psychiatric Consultation and the UPMC Center of Excellence Co-Director. All of us have vulnerable areas in our lives, but what happens when our loved ones with HD are double or triple vulnerable? Braving the journey of being vulnerable to the disease itself, to the brain’s rooted connections in mood and mental health, and then to the relationships that they have in their lives are necessary to examine. In this talk, Dr. Faeder will discuss the difficulty with low awareness and insight that occurs in HD, with the desire to love and be loved, and finally how intrusive thoughts may fuel this complex arrangement and its need to balance. In discussing this topic, it is important to address these issues as soon as they appear. We want to utilize best practices in medicine which will hopefully affect improved quality of life and reduce caregiver strain. Join us on Thursday, May 9 from 7:00-9:00 pm at St. George Orthodox Church, 3400 Dawson Street, in Oakland. We will have light refresh- ments and time to engage in conversation with a question and answer period. Lastly, we always make time to socialize and support one another. Come out and celebrate May Awareness as it is the time to shine a light on HD. Don’t forget to bring family and friends with you!