My name is Morgan McLane and I created “Barbara Lee’s Fast Track to a Cure for Huntington’s Disease” in honor of my Aunt Barbara who was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease (HD) in December, 1999 and lost her battle April, 2010. Barbara led quite a normal life.  Getting married and having two daughters. In her 40’s her life changed forever.  Beginning with subtle changes in her personality and physical capabilities.  Now we realize this was the beginning of her disease.  In 2005, Aunt Barbara was placed in a nursing, confined to a wheelchair and began having difficulty in speaking and swallowing.  HD is an especially difficult condition because it robs the affected person not only of their health and independence, but also the memories of family, friends and a lifetime of experiences.

There is no cure.

As we continue to grow Fast Track Autocross Fundraiser, we hope you join us in raising funds and awareness of Huntington’s Disease.  Your support will put Huntington’s Disease on a Fast Track to the finish line of finding a cure.